UV Tanning

UV Tanning

High pressure beds tan almost exclusively with UVA rays, resulting in a richer, longer lasting tan, with immediate results. Just one session is equivalent to 5 sessions in a conventional tanning bed with no risk of burning.

Ultra Ruva Stand Up, With 48, 160 watt lamps our ultra ruva Stand Up deliver an excellent tan in under 12 minutes. Or, to even out your tan .

Ultra Ruva, With 42 - 45  160 watt lamps  and High pressure facials, our Ultra Ruvabeds deliver an excelent  tan in12-15 minutes.

Ruva, With 32 - 38, 100 watt lamps and High Pressure facials our Ruva beds deliver a good tan  with reduced amounts of the burning rays as the sun.

Wolff, With 32, 100 watt lamps our basic beds deliver a good tan. Wolff beds mimic natural sun exposure.

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